SS 14 

For Josi Faye's first Spring/Summer collection, I've designed a few lightweight pieces shaped for the warm weather. I turned to some new fibers for us this season - cotton and silk. Similar to the philosophy we’ve brought to our wool sourcing, the cotton fiber has been carefully selected from one of the few US Organic Cotton farms. One-hundred percent of the cotton is undyed and unbleached, and all of the processing has been done here in the US. We have also included two wool pieces - a new, lightweight hat using undyed brown sheep's wool as well as a short sleeve top, using our Wyoming-grown wool. A limited quantity of each of the pieces has been produced in our Nashville studio. (Han Starnes, Designer/Director)

Photographer: Laura Dart // Styling: Julie Pointer + Han Starnes // Contributors: Imperial Stock Ranch + Elizabeth Suzann + Jen Vitale